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Intricate rhythms blend traditional kpalogo drums, djembe, kora, and balafone with exciting vocals, guitar riffs, and horn lines, creating a new musical force a sound which connects him with his audiences and inspires even the most reserved listener to get up and dance and sing along.
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“Drumming is so much more than hitting a drum. Drumming changes you. For centuries in Ghana the drum has been an integral part of life. It has been used for healing, calling people together, health and fitness, celebrations, sending messages and happiness. In Ghana the drum is our speaker, it is our voice.”

BORTIER OKOE, Master Drummer

African Soul was formed in February 2009 by Ghanaian born, master drummer, dancer and singer Bortier Okoe. Our extended team is made up of professional performers and musicians from both African and Australian descent. African Soul facilitators and performers are energetic, enthusiastic and love making people happy.

African Soul tour Australia every year and perform for corporate, school and community events and government and non-government projects.