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Intricate rhythms blend traditional kpalogo drums, djembe, kora, and balafone with exciting vocals, guitar riffs, and horn lines, creating a new musical force a sound which connects him with his audiences and inspires even the most reserved listener to get up and dance and sing along.
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Sessions can consist of a combination of the following:

Performance – high energy African drum and dance show

Drumming – everyone gets their own African drum

Movement - fun and physical African dance moves

Singing – vocal release through African singing and chanting

Call and response – drum rhythms, vocal phrases, body percussion and basic movement

African drumming workshops are effective, fun filled sessions designed to develop unity in the workplace; essential in business environments. We can help your company and its employees reduce stress levels and communicate more effectively. Give your staff a break from the daily grind in a stress busting and energising teambuilding workshop or icebreaker. Whether you want a hands on interactive experience or a high energy performance, African Soul can meet your needs.

-          Be motivated, energised and inspired

-          Learn how to use dynamics for impact

-          Build team confidence

-          Manage and relieve stress

-          Break down barriers

-          Unite teams