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Intricate rhythms blend traditional kpalogo drums, djembe, kora, and balafone with exciting vocals, guitar riffs, and horn lines, creating a new musical force a sound which connects him with his audiences and inspires even the most reserved listener to get up and dance and sing along.
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African Soul Book Now Brochure


Beginners: 6.30pm – 7.45pm
Intermediate/advanced: 8pm – 9.15pm
$25 per class

Private classes available on request

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African Drumming classes are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced. 


This class is suitable for drummers with little or no experience. Classes focus on understanding the basic structure of West African Drumming, learning the 3 basic techniques (bass, tone, slap), being able to play together, keep tempo and follow rhythmic patterns.


This class is suitable for people who have had some previous experience drumming. Classes focus on developing the 3 basic techniques (bass, tone, slap), keep faster tempos whilst maintaining clarity in tones, being able to hold an individual part, learning full rhythms and simple solos.


This class is suitable for people who have previous drumming experience and are capable of working at a faster pace and a higher level. Classes focus on learning complex rhythms and solos, maintaining and fine tuning techniques.