Hemispheric Synchronisation

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It is an effective and accessible tool used for many purposes including relaxation, meditation, learning and memory aids and helping people with physical and mental difficulties.

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Our brains have a left and a right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is linear, logical, practical. For example if you were an accountant, you would use the left side of your brain more. The right hemisphere is non-linear, non-logical and creative. For example if you were an artist, you would use the right side of your brain more.

Human beings tend to favour one hemisphere more than the other, but favouring one side of your brain isn’t necessarily a conscious choice and doesn’t mean you don’t use the other side. By merging both hemispheres and allowing them to work together we can increase our mental fitness and enhance our cognitive functioning in general by encouraging both sides of the brain to work in harmony. This is hemispheric synchronization.

We are able to create this state by drumming. Whilst using both hands, hearing and playing the repetitious rhythms, and feeling the vibration of the drum, we encourage both sides of the brain to work together. This synchronisation creates balance enabling the brain to function more efficiently. In other words, when the brain hears a rhythmic stimulus like a drum beat, the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of electrical currents, or brain waves, and scientists call this phenomenon hemispheric synchronisation.